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I have a longstanding research interest in forced migration, which enabled me to develop a considerable and sustained track record of conducting policy-oriented research within the broad domain of migration (relying on both qualitative and quantitative methods), including:

- Investigating the impact of COVID-19 on the marginalised communities, including internally displaced people with disabilities in Ukraine, and refugees in the UK (2020 – ongoing);

- Evaluating the links between technology and anti-trafficking (2015 – ongoing);

- Evaluating labour market failures in relation to the internally displaced communities in Mongolia (2016-2018)

- Comparative cross-national investigation of public understanding of trafficking in human beings (2013-2014), including the evaluation of the UK Government anti-trafficking policies and of the UK Government’s anti-trafficking funding mechanisms;

- Evaluating gender sensitivity within the context of the European Social Fund funded labour market initiatives in Scotland (2005 – 2007);

- Evaluating the inclusion of the local community-based knowledge and expertise within the context of the international peacebuilding effort in Kosovo (in cooperation with the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo, 2002 – 2005). 

For further details, check my Research ProjectsPublications and Conference presentations

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